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Course:Development Economics

Bottlenecks, Linkages and Intermediate Goods

Course:International Trade

Course:Great Economists: Classical Economics and its Forerunners

Course:The Eurozone Crisis

Course:Economics of the Media

Course:Mexico's Economy: Current Prospects and History

An Overview of the Mexican Economy

Course:The American Housing Finance System

Lowering the initial payment
Basic mortgage underwriting
Varieties of mortgage securities
Painful historical episodes & policy responses

Course:Principios de Microeconomía

Course:Economic History of the Soviet Union

Introduction to Soviet Economic History
  • Why Study Marx?
  • The Soviet Union: An Experiment in Marxism
  • Lessons from the Soviet Union
  • Stages of Central Planning and Marxism in the Soviet Union
  • Lessons for Public versus Private Ownership
Marx's Labor Theory of Value
  • Introduction to the Labor Theory of Value
  • Labor as the Source of Property Rights
  • Subjective Value and Useful Labor
  • Marx's Exploitation Theory and Economies of Scale
  • Price, Wages, and Planning
  • From Marx to Lenin
Planning to Plan
  • Dictatorship of the Proletariat
  • Planning to Plan
  • Corporatism: State Capitalism
  • Engels, Marx, and Lenin on Planning
Marxist Utopianism
  • The Bolshevik Vision
  • Prerequisites to a Utopian Society
  • Transformation to a Worker State
  • Spiritual and Historical Outcomes of Common Ownership
From Revolution to Planning
  • Introduction to the Russian Revolution
  • War Communism
  • Bolshevism and the Planned Economy
  • Money and Banking Under Lenin
  • Lenin's First Five Year Plan
War Communism: Lessons for Leaders
  • Learning from Mistakes in Central Planning
  • Austrian Predictions About Socialist Russia
  • Soviet Lessons Learned About Labor and Democracy
  • Soviet Lessons Learned about Money, Capital and Interest
The Retreat to Markets: The New Economic Policy
  • The Retreat from War Communism
  • Reintroducing Markets to Encourage Production
  • What Was the New Economic Policy?
  • Competition Between the State and Private Sector
The New Economic Policy in Crisis
  • The Scissors Crisis
  • Response to the Scissors Crisis: Rationalization of the Economy
  • Imbalance in Crop Prices and the Government Response
  • Nationalization of Industry and Shortages in Industrialized Sectors
Stalinism and Alternatives
  • Inevitability of Stalinism
  • Opposition to Stalinism Within the Communist Left
  • Opposition from Democratic Centralists and 'The Workers Opposition'
  • The Left Opposition
The Path to Stalinism and the Party Line
  • Stalin and the Party Line
  • Bukharin Turns on Trotsky
  • Conspiracy and Fear: Buy-in to the Party Line
  • Trotsky on The Party and Stalinism
Stalin's Rise and The Tragedy of Collectivization
  • Stalin the Moderate
  • What Forced Collectivization?
  • Collective Farms and Hoarding Grain
  • Chaos in Central Planning: Resource Shortages and Waste
  • Peasant Revolts in Response to Forced Collectivization
  • Consequences of Forced Collectivization
  • Could Socialism Survive the Crisis?