Corruption and Growth


How much does corruption damage the prospects for economic growth?  Let's look at the evidence.


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corruption can never be good for any country because what is bad has no other name except bad.No any growth corruption can bring in any country.corruption is bad.

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An interesting value judgement and certainly I can not argue against that, it is absolutely valid. However in the same line someone can argue against "usury" (loan money with interest), or even against capitalism or free market, in fact many does it so.
I don´t claim that your value judgement is wrong, but it is not universally applicable, other people may have different values, so I think it is not so useful in an economic discussion, at least if intend to remain positive.

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From Wikipedia: "Government corruption occurs when an elected representative makes decisions that are influenced by vested interest rather than their own personal or party ideological beliefs." I don't think that fair/unfair value judgements would play any role in corruption with this definition. If an official, following his party line or his beliefs, decides they will grant business licenses to brown-eyed people and not to any other eye-colored people, it may seem wrong or unfair to you but I would not call this corruption.

Good point Alex, but the definition from Wikipedia has some problems: there are no way to know what it is in the mind of other people. How you can determine if someone acts driven by "vested interest" or by "his ideology"? I think that it is useless try to discriminate intentions. Also I think this definition has an implicit moral judgment implying that vested interest is "wrong" and ideology is "OK" , but everyone act driven by vested interest, even the saints. What I mean is that moral judgments are good, but may be discussed in other context and not used in economic discussions, because moral values are not the same for everyone.

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corruption is what all the people know as something that is not right.e.g giving money to civil servant before rendering a service but to lobbying is what is right .it will not involve giving of money but if money is involve it has become bribe.e.g lobbying for contract.

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